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About Tango Young

Association “Tango Young” exists since 2012 in different cities of Europe. Firstly , Tango Young grew up in Italy and today it has a international impact. We organize tango classes and tango events for universities, business schools, enterprises, disabled groups et houses of retire in order to create new social space in Paris to cultivate this beautiful opportunity of dancing and improvising together no matter which age or social status you are. Today Tango Young opens a new group accessible for all the people who are willing to discover this beautiful dance.

What are we going to learn?


proper position of your body, how to be on the balance without tension.


projection of the step and fluidity or the walk.

Connection and embrace

what does it mean to dance together?

Tango, Milonga, Vals

different styles and possibilities of dancing.

Musicality and Rhythm

work on the beat and melody, peculiarities of different Tango Orquestras


to be free in expressing yourself emotionally, musically and with partner.

Why tango?


Tango is universal

How many time we’ve heard “no, dancing is not for me”… It IS  for you! Tango is very accessible dance which doesn’t demand any particular skills or physical shape at the beginning.  It means anyone can dance tango, no matter how old are you – 10 or 100. However it does give you communicative, musical and artistic skills together with physical shape once you start it.

Tango is social

Tango it’s not only a dance, it’s a huge social space where everyday you a tremendous number of people meet, connect, exchange, dance and of course have fun together. Every evening only in Paris there is over 2000 people dancing tango. This community permits you to have a lot useful and friendly connections without effort. You just have to start to dance!

Tango is spiritual

In contrast with many other dances, tango is very internal dance based on the connection in couple and inner emotion which brings it close to meditation practice. It permits you to see yourself from completely different position, unblock new ideas and sides of your personality and even rebuild new understanding of how to connect with yourself, with your partner and all other people.

Tango is intercultural

Tango is being danced all over the world, everyday there are thousands events – tango festivals, tango marathons, tango meetings, weekends and simple milongas. It permits you to travel easily – whenever you come you feel like home, in this community you will always find a place to stay and a place to dance whether you are in Russia or Latin America.

Tango gives you freedom

You can be joyful or sad in this dance, you can communicate with people or come just to dance, you can like classical music or Nuevo – tango proposes you so many choices and freedoms. You want to be a great dancer? Just be yourself!

Tango gives your self-expression

Learning tango is learning a language of movement which gives you incredible possibilities to express yourself together with another person. Interpret music and share it with your partner – isn’t it great?

Tango is calling you

It is time to start this adventure!

Our Projects


Milonga Oh-la-la

Every friday in the Salle Saint-Bruno

Milonga Show-La-La

Once per month in the Salle Saint-Bruno

Fata Morgana Tango adventure

Tango marathon in Jura