Tango Young Paris is the official partner of Regina Tango Shoes in Paris! You can choose your pair of shoes on Regina website – and order with us!


The prices are the same as those on the website and the delivery costs 10 euros.


How to order tango shoes?
  1. You choose the model you like on the website or in one of our catalogues below
  2. You inform us (via email or via Facebook) about your choice: which model, which colour, size and heel height you prefer
  3. We contact Regina to verify if the model is on stock. If it is not, we will inform you via email. In this case you can choose another model or wait until the preferred one appears on stock

As soon as we get enough orders we send them to Regina. From that moment your shoes are expected to arrive in 10-15 days.


If your order doesn’t suit you, you pay only for the delivery!


To order your pair of tango shoes you can leave us a private message on Facebook or contact us by email: